How Solar Thermal can benefit you...

Solar Thermal systems benefit their owners by offering highly efficient hot water provision, with extremely reliable and trusted technology. Coupled to the fact that they have minimal running costs which are predictable due to avoiding the need for fuel with volatile and unpredictable pricing.

The Advantages of Solar

  • The majority of hot water produced with minimal running costs
  • More stable fuel cost
  • Fuel cannot be stolen as it is not stored on site
  • Fuel does not have to be ordered in bulk
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower carbon dioxide outputs
  • Greater reliability
  • Access to grant funding (Renewable Heat Incentive)

Is my property suitable for Solar Thermal?

Almost all properties with a roof in good condition are suitable. Ideally the roof would have a pitch around 40 to 45 degrees and face approximately south.

Joule Solar Thermal System

Who we work with

With solar thermal systems we, unusually work with a number of manufacturers, this is due to variations in the size of panels and fitting systems, for instance with the option for a system where the panels are fitting into the roof, minimising the impact of the appearance of the roof.

How Solar Thermal works.

A solar thermal system collects energy from sun light and transfers it to a storage system for use later on, this is quite simply the hot water cylinder. Whilst the cylinders look similar to standard units they do have a dedicated volume at the bottom of the cylinder and contain two coils instead of the standard one. Simple controls that avoid the need for any user input automatically control the system for maximum efficiency.

Our Installations