How an Air Source Heat Pump can benefit you...

Air source heat pumps benefit their owners by offering efficient hot water and heating provision, with extremely reliable and trusted technology. Coupled to the fact that they are electrically driven, the running costs are predictable due to avoiding the need for fuel with volatile and unpredictable pricing.

Whilst early heat pumps were found to be noisy, modern, good quality units are often quieter than the flue of an oil boiler.

The Advantages of a Mitsibushi Heat Pump

  • More stable fuel cost
  • Fuel cannot be stolen as it is not stored on site
  • Fuel does not have to be ordered in bulk
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower carbon dioxide outputs
  • Greater reliability

Is my property suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump?

Whilst it is commonly thought that air source heat pumps are only suitable for new build and highly insulated properties, this is not at all true. With careful design and obsessive regard to keeping flow temperatures low, it is possible to heat almost all properties.

Mitsibushi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

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In the same way that for good reason, certain car brands become the standard that others are compared to and even aspire to copy, Mitsubishi Ecodan units have become the market leaders for the efficiency, support and proven reliability they offer. Whilst the name is often thought to be Japanese, the units are actually manufactured for the European market in Scotland

How an Air Source Heat Pump works.

An air source heat pump, as the name suggests actually uses air as the source of the energy, whilst electrically driven, the purpose of the heat pump is to extract energy from outside air, condition it to useful temperatures, and deliver it to the heat distribution system using carefully matched controls.

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