Air Source Heat Pump Dorest

Air Source Heat Pump Dorest

During the renovation of their 1850’s Victorian barn The Langford’s hoped that they could achieve as close as they could to a green, carbon neutral premises whilst taking into account any restrictions from local planning authorities. But after negative feedback from local plumbers they felt that renewable energy may not be the route to go down.


Busting the myths

“Looking back, I think it was possibly lack of understanding or just wanting to keep the work for themselves that drew the plumbers to this conclusion. I got a number of quotes from renewable energy companies around the country but wasn’t really satisfied with any of the advice I was given. Eventually I found a company in Essex that gave me some hope, but I really wanted a Local business to carry out the work.”


Mr. Langford was recommended he speak to local experts Total Renewable Solutions who are specialists in the installation of renewable heating. Covering Devon, Dorset and Somerset they ticked the box for a local renewable installer too.


“Everything James said made absolute sense. He explained the system, discussed the benefits, the Renewable Heat Incentive and after that it was a no-brainer.”


Mr. Langford had a Mitsubushi Air Source Heat Pump fitted which linked to underfloor heating on the ground floor of the property and radiators to the second floor. On James’s advice also had a Heatmiser thermostat fitted to control the temperature in every room.


” Obviously it’s not like conventional heating which is more responsive, so it took a little bit of getting use to and tweeking to get it right, but it’s second nature now. Also, I must say I am absolutely delighted with the running costs, our energy bills have significantly decreased. “


Luke the Operations Manager at Total Renewable Solutions added.

“We are always happy to hear positive feedback from our customers and that their installation went well. But what we like really like to hear is that our customers are continuing to benefit years after their installation with reduced energy costs. Mr. Langford is a great example of this and looks after his investment by asking us to carry out annual servicing and maintenance.”

If you would like to enquire about an Air Source Heat Pump for your property please contact us on 01749 340490 and one of our specialists will be happy to help.

Project Description

Client: Mr. Langford
Location: Sherborne, Dorset
Year Completed: 2014