Biomass Dorset

Biomass Dorset

Keeping guests cosy – whatever the weather – is of key importance for hotels up and down the country, so when Dorset guesthouse owner Lavinia Dagostine was looking to improve her heating she was determined to find the very best solution for her customers.

Despite investigating modern gas boilers for Westwood Guesthouse Lavinia was disappointed to find out that even the most modern ones produced high CO2 emissions and could result in continually rising energy bills.
Dream to have a green guesthouse

“I’ve always wanted to have a more eco friendly guesthouse, and it’s something that increasing numbers of my guests are looking for,” she said.  “However, I also need to keep my overheads as low as possible.  I didn’t think it was possible to achieve both, so I started looking for boiler quotes from local companies.

“I’ve been impressed by local company Total Renewable Solutions for some time and was surprised when they showed me just how much money – and carbon emissions – I could save with a modern biomass boiler.  After I’d seen how impressive the boiler was and the company’s biomass specialists had answered all my questions there was no question that biomass was the perfect solution for me.”

Payments from the government for renewable heat

Lavinia now has a jaw-dropping Solarfocus boiler, which uses wood pellets as its fuel source.  It provides constant heat and hot water for Westwood Guesthouse throughout the year and, as it is a renewable energy technology, Lavinia receives generous quarterly payments from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Total Renewable Solutions removed Lavinia’s two old gas boilers, replaced it with the pellet boiler and integrated it into her existing central heating and hot water system.

‘Biomass is the perfect solution’ 

“It’s the perfect solution for me,” added Lavinia, “and the best bit is, in just a few years I’ll have paid off the full cost of the boiler thanks to the government payments.  After that I can look forward to more years of renewable heat, more government RHI payments, and predictable energy prices.

‘Impeccable work by Total Renewable Solutions’

“Even more importantly for me, every part of the boiler system has been finished off by Total Renewable Solutions to an impeccable standard, so it’s something that I’m proud to show off to my guests.  When you get refurbishments done to your business premises it can be a worry that the work will not be done to a high standard but I have never worried about that with Total Renewable Solutions, which is why I use the company for all of my plumbing and renewables work.  Everything about their service – from their initial visit to the professional advice I received – has given me the utmost confidence.”


How your business could benefit from biomass ….

The majority of businesses in the UK could benefit hugely from a biomass boiler, from a system the size of the one at Westwood Guesthouse to larger commercial boiler.

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Project Description

Client: Lavinia Dagostine
Location: Westward Guest House, Dorset
Year Completed: 2015