How Underfloor Heating can benefit you...

If having a warm and cosy house in the winter is important to you, our superior underfloor heating is the perfect solution. It will keep your rooms warm, provide you with a much more pleasant heat than radiators, and even reduce your fuel costs.

Our underfloor heating uses hot water pipes that are embedded within your floor. They circulate warm water, gently heat your rooms and give a lovely warm feeling to your feet! They’re fully controllable, but unlike radiators they don’t take up space and they leave zero cold spots in your rooms.

The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

  • Can be combined with Heat Pumps
  • No maintenence
  • No space in your home is lost to radiators
  • Flexible controls
  • More comfortable
  • Less airbourne dust than with radiators, great for allergy sufferers

Is my property suitable for
Underfloor Heating?

Under floor heating has gained popularity for a number of reasons, many developers are now fitting it as standard, recognising it is a good selling point as it is now recognised as a desirable feature in a property.

During construction of the floor, pipes are laid in the screed or between the joists, through which warm water is passed, heating up the floor surface and also the room itself.

As the temperatures involved are significantly lower, under floor heating offers the best efficiencies with both renewable and traditional heating systems. Lowering flow temperature ensures heat pumps are in their best operating range and also due to the lower temperatures involved, transmission losses are reduces.

As well as efficiencies, underfloor heating transfers it heat in a more comfortable and more uniform way. With no radiators to accommodate there is also more flexibility with utilising the space in a room.

How Underfloor Heating Works

The underfloor heating systems that we design and install are high-grade ‘wet’ systems, which means they use hot water pipes under the floor. These pipes are connected to either your boiler or to a heat pump system and the pipes circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space.

Individual thermostats enable you to independently control the temperature of each room.

The heat released from the system is much more evenly distributed than the heat from radiators, which means our underfloor heating solutions can use water at a lower temperature. This makes it a much more efficient way of heating your home.

Our Installations

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