How Rain Water Harvesting can benefit you...

Water bills may be increasing year-on-year, but it’s possible to reduce these costs significantly with a well-designed rainwater harvesting system.

In fact, a rainwater harvesting system installed by Total Renewable Solutions could lower your water costs by up to 50% every year.

Using rainwater that is captured on your roof (rather than just running down the drain!),our modern systems can store up to 6,500 litres of useable water which can be connected to your home’s existing pipework and used to wash clothes, flush toilets and clean your house.

The Advantages of Rain Water Harvesting

  • More stable fuel cost
  • Fuel cannot be stolen as it is not stored on site
  • Fuel does not have to be ordered in bulk
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower carbon dioxide outputs
  • Greater reliability
If you’d like to stop paying for something that you can access for free from mother nature, a Total Renewable Solutions specialist can visit your home, chat to you about your requirements and design a system that suits your needs.

Is my property suitable for Rain Water Harvesting?

A storage tank is generally buried in the garden and the downpipes from the gutters are diverted to fill this tank. A pump and filter system is then used with a second cold water pipe system to selected (non-potable) outlets around the property. In case of sustained drout, this can then be switched to mains if the tank was to be emptied.

Rain Water Harvesting

Who we work with

We work with Rainwater Harvesting who are one of the UK's leading Rainwater Harvesting Specialists.

How Rain Water Harvesting works

As the name suggests rain water harvesting is the collection of rain water to utilise where traditionally we would have used mains water.

Ironically in the UK we are blessed with some of the best quality tap water in the world, while this is important for uses such as drinking water and even showering, we use the same quality water for other purposes, including flushing toilets, cleaning cars and watering the garden. As well as being the best quality, it is also some of the most expensive tap water in the world. We also have some of the highest rainfall!!

By collecting and filtering rainwater, then delivering it to selected outlets in the property, we can lower our consumption of processed mains water , leading to reduced bills and also a reduced level of embedded energy in our water supplies.

Our Installations