How Multi Technology Solutions can benefit you...

At Total Renewable Solutions we are experts in the installation of all renewable heating and microgeneration technologies. These technologies offer their own very individual benefits but when combined together into a full house system the benefits are amplified, as are the energy savings you will receive.

The Advantages of a Mutli Technology Installation

  • Greater energy savings
  • All systems are installed together to complement each other
  • One company will carry out the work to the highest of standards
  • Lower running costs
  • Greater reliability

Is my property suitable for Multi Technology Installation?

We have recently installed a number of full house heating and microgeneration solutions but the ideal integrated system for your property would need to be ascertained by our expert surveyors.

We will look at you property, the space available, the location and system suitability and come back to you with our recommendations.

Working in harmony. Heat Pumps and Underfloor Heating

Who we work with

At Total Renewable Solutions we work with industry leading manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Kensa Engineering, Joule and LG. We have specially selected these partnerships to ensure our customers end up with the most efficient system possible for their heating and microgeneration requirements.

How Multi Technology Installations work

An integrated renewable energy system is designed around your own heating and energy requirements, focusing on the property and its occupancy. Underfloor heating compliments Heat Pumps especially well as the temperatures are not as high as those produced by a conventional boiler, so a larger surface area is needed to achieve similar temperatures in your home. Though with careful design it is possible to use radiators or even mix both. Why not contribute to running your Heat Pump with a small solar PV system to generate even more savings? There are many options available to you to make sure you achieve the most out of your integrated system.

Our Installations