How a Ground Source Heat Pump can benefit you...

Ground source heat pumps benefit their owners by offering highly efficient hot water and heating provision, with extremely reliable and trusted technology. Coupled to the fact that they are electrically driven, the running costs are predictable due to avoiding the need for fuel with volatile and unpredictable pricing.

Ground source heat pumps offer the highest efficiency of all heating systems.

The Advantages of a Kensa Heat Pump

  • More stable fuel cost
  • Fuel cannot be stolen as it is not stored on site
  • Fuel does not have to be ordered in bulk
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower carbon dioxide outputs
  • Greater reliability
  • Access to grant funding (Renewable Heat Incentive)

Is my property suitable for a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Whilst it is commonly thought that ground source heat pumps are only suitable for new build and highly insulated properties, this is not at all true. With careful design and obsessive regard to keeping flow temperatures low, it is possible to heat almost all properties.

Kensa Ground Source Heat Pump

Who we work with

We work in partnership with industry leading manufacturers Kensa.

How a Ground Source Heat Pump works.

A ground sourced heat pump, as the name suggests actually uses the ground as the source of the energy, whilst electrically driven, the purpose of the heat pump is to extract energy from the ground using pipe either buried horizontally or vertically within a bore hole. The ground itself collects energy from both sunlight and rainfall. This energy is conditioned by the heat pump to provide useful temperatures, and deliver it to the heat distribution system using carefully matched controls.

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