How Biomass can benefit you...

If your home is off the gas grid, you’re tired of paying increasing fuel prices to your energy company, or you’re simply looking lo take control of your own energy needs our biomass boiler solutions are the perfect answer.

We’ll help you find the right solution for your property
Our specialists can survey your home, calculate your heat and hot water requirements and help you decide on the right biomass boiler to suit your needs (or an alternative renewable technology if it is more suitable).

The Advantages of a Biomass System

  • Directly replaces or upgrades your existing heating system
  • Keeps your home snug in winter
  • Provides all of your hot water requirements throughout the year
  • Qualifies for government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI )payments
  • Says goodbye to fuel bills from the big energy companies, as you’ll be buying your wood fuel directly from a local supplier

Is my property suitable for Biomass?

Smaller homes which have an existing gas boiler might struggle to find the room to install the size biomass boiler they need to achieve a decent return on their investment. It is normally not advisable to replace a gas boiler with a biomass boiler.
You must also be aware that space will also be required to store the fuel it uses. Systems which automatically feed the burner with fuel take up much more room than a standard stand-alone stove.

If your home already has a chimney it will be easier to install the required flue for your new biomass system, the flue can use the chimney to reach the outside.If your home does not have a chimney, you can still install a suitable flue, checking with building regulations to ensure it is correctly installed.

KWB Easyfire pellet heating system

If you have enough outdoor space you may prefer to install your biomass boiler in its own shed, this way you can easily store the fuel too.

Who we work with

We work with a number of industry leading Biomass system manufacturers including Klover, MCZ and KWB . This allows us to ensure we install the right solution for your individual requirements.

How Biomass works

Biomass is a fuel source based on wood and wood waste. In the UK, pellets are the most popular choice as they have the least input from the owners and are readily available. In some circumstances solid (log) fuels are popular but require a large area for storage/drying and more manual loading of the fuel.

Biomass is regarded as a carbon neutral fuel, so has the lowest CO2 output of any heating system available.

Our Installations

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