Our latest work – check out our latest projects

Our latest work – check out our latest projects

It’s been a busy few months for the Total Renewable Solutions team – check out some of our latest projects and find out more about what we offer.

With the government set to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, it’s a very busy time for the renewables industry! Achieving zero emissions will rely on changes in industry and public behaviour with low carbon technologies such as heat pumps playing a key role in delivering energy efficient alternatives to traditional sources.

For a little taste of what we have been up to, you can check out some of our latest projects below:

  1. Bungalow renovation with underfloor heating throughout and Ultra Quiet Air Source Heat Pump, Devon

The Ultra Quiet Ecodan is available in 8.5kW and 11.2kW sizes and is designed specifically for UK residential use with a 8 db (A) drop in sound power, offering efficient, reliable heating with greater flexibility in where they can be installed.

Find out more about air source heat pumps. 


2. Upside Down House with Ground Source Heat Pump, Devon

This contemporary ‘Upside-Down’ new dwelling in East Devon designed by Group Emmet Design is partially built into the ground to minimise its visual impact upon the landscape. We were delighted to work on this project to install Ground Source Heat Pump technology.

Find out more about ground source heat pumps. 

3. Henton Village going green

In April Technical Manager Richard Kern and MD Luke Reed visited Henton Village hall to discuss options for the Villagers to go green.

The Green movement in Henton has already seen them install PV and an air Source heat pump on the Village Hall.

Working with Total Renewable Solutions

At Total Renewable Solutions we are experts in the installation of the full range of microgeneration technologies. Our expert surveyors will work with you to create a bespoke system that is right for your property and budget and will advise on the potential running costs and savings of your system based on your unique circumstances.

You can find out more about the range of services we offer or get in touch today for a chat with one of our expert team.

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