Installing a wood burning stove in your home

Installing a wood burning stove in your home

At Total Renewable Solutions we understand that every project is different and that for many projects, combining heating technologies allows you to gain maximum benefit. With this in mind, alongside renewable technologies and underfloor heating we also offer wood burning and stove installation. Find out more today.

Considering a wood burning or solid fuel stove in your home

Wood burners and solid fuel stoves continue to grow in popularity, offering a cost effective way of heating your home. Burning wood, is largely carbon neutral so it’s also a greener means of heating your property than using fossil fuels.

Installing a wood burning stove is also a great way of adding character and a focal point in your home.

Whether your stove is a stand-alone installation in your existing property, or part of a wider heating system for a renovation or self build, it is essential to use a HETAS registered installer to ensure you get the best from your new installation and meet all regulations and safety requirements.

Is your home suitable for a wood burning stove?

So how do you find out if your home is suitable for a wood burning stove?

You should first find out if there are any planning restrictions or lease terms that may restrict your options. For example is your property in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) or a listed building? This does not necessarily mean that you won’t be able to install a wood burning stove, however it does have implications for the options available to you and you may need to seek planning permission for your installation.

Aside from this, most homes are suitable for a stove installation, or can be made suitable. Because a stove needs a way to vent the heat, smoke and gas that builds up when the wood is burned, a chimney is required for any wood stove installation, therefore if you have an existing chimney, it is usually possible to fit a stove without planning permission.

In homes where no chimney is present, you can build a rigid flue system, either straight up and through the roof, or out through the wall and up the side of the building. Again, be mindful that you may need planning permission for this work.

Installation of your wood burning stove

We understand that every project is different. We offer stand alone stove installation, or can work with you to install your stove as part of a wider heating project, combining with renewable technologies and/or underfloor heating.

Each of the technologies we offer has its own very individual benefits, but it is when they are combined together into a full house system that the benefits and energy savings are amplified. Installing a wood burner or stove in your home can work extremely well as part of your full house system, helping you to get the maximum benefit from your installation.

How much does it cost to install a wood burning stove?

Stove costs can vary enormously, from small cast stoves right up to very sophisticated high quality stoves. The cost of installing your new stove will also vary depending on which one you choose. We offer free advice on the right stove for your home, so please give us a call and have a chat, we can talk you through the options available and the cost of each of these options before you make any decisions.

Working with Total Renewable Solutions

We are a HETAS registered installer, which means all our stove installations are registered with and certified by HETAS. Our team can work with you to discuss the options available for you in your home. We offer free inspection, quotation and advice so get in touch today on (01749) 340490 or contact us here. 

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