Heatwave boosts solar power to number one spot

Heatwave boosts solar power to number one spot

Britain’s heatwave has helped break several solar power-generation records, and for a short period on Saturday 30th June solar panels across the country were the number one source of electricity.

Breaking solar power records

A run of hot weather and cloudless days has seen solar power break a number of records in recent weeks with 533 gigawatt hours of power produced between 21 and 28 June. During that period, solar generated more than 75GWh on five of the seven days, another record. In a first, solar output also hit more than 8GW for eight consecutive days*.

What’s more, for a short period on Saturday 30th June solar panels across the country were the number one source of electricity, with a share of over 27%.

Duncan Burt, director of system operations at National Grid, said:

“During the past 12 months alone, we have seen renewable generation records broken and we expect this trend to continue, as technology advances and we find new ways to accommodate and manage more wind and solar power on our network.”

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Investing in solar power

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either through a Solar Thermal or Solar PV system.

In both Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems, panels are installed on the roof of your building. The basic principle behind each type of panel is the same – they absorb energy from the sun and convert it into a useable form. Both allow you to lower your homes reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Solar Thermal panels collect sunlight and turn it into heat that is later transformed into electricity. Solar PV panels use PV technology to capture energy from the sun and directly convert the sunlight into electricity.

Overall, solar power offers an affordable and cost effective way to generate your own energy. Both Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems are extremely reliable, efficient and allow you to lower both your fuel bills and environmental impact. Happy days!

Whether you choose Solar PV or Solar Thermal, Total Renewable Solutions can work with you to design, supply and install the right system for you.

Working with Total Renewable Solutions

Total Renewable Solutions are an MCS accredited supplier and installer of renewable energy solutions. We work with our customers to create a bespoke system that is right for your property and budget and we will advise on the potential running costs and savings of your system based on your unique circumstances.

We can review your property to determine which type of solar hot water or solar power system offers the biggest benefits from both a financial and environmental standpoint. Involving us in your project from the outset means that we can advise on the suitability of different technology options and ensure these are designed effectively into the project.

If you have already invested in a solar PV system then you may be able to increase your savings further with a Solar iBoost. The iBoost is attached to your immersion heater and allows you to divert this excess energy to your hot water cylinder. The iBoost can be installed quickly and easily, with our prices starting at just £400+VAT (subject to location).

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*Source: The Guardian online

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