Combining Renewable Energy Technologies

Installation at Haybridge, Wells, Somerset

Combining Renewable Energy Technologies

We are seeing a growing trend towards integrated renewable energy systems, designed around your own heating and energy requirements and focused on the property and its occupants.  Combining solar with air source heating is the ideal way to lower your home’s energy bills and increase its efficiency. A recent installation in Haybridge, Wells, Somerset provided the ideal opportunity to show how these renewable technologies can really compliment each other.

Combining renewable energy technologies

When it comes to integrated renewable energy solutions, there are so many options available to you. Combining an Air Source Heat Pump with your existing Solar PV installation can lower your home’s energy bills, increase its efficiency and lower your carbon footprint. Additionally, underfloor heating compliments Heat Pumps especially well as the temperatures are not as high as those produced by a conventional boiler.

Air Source Heat Pump installation at Haybridge, Wells, Somerset

A recent installation at Haybridge, Wells provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate just how an Air Source Heat Pump alongside Solar PV can keep your running costs for heating and hot water as low as possible.

We installed an 11.2kw Air Source Heat Pump alongside an existing PV installation, fitted Underfloor Heating in the new extension and upgraded the radiators in the existing part of the house.

The old natural gas boiler was removed and replaced with the air source heat pump which will have significantly lower carbon dioxide outputs.

Our customer can now benefit from lower running costs, higher efficiency and is also in a position to take advantage of the new tariffs from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive – payments which will make a significant contribution to the cost of installation for many years to come.

Great news for the customer and the environment!

Multi technology solutions from Total Renewable Solutions

Considering renewables for your home or build project? At Total Renewable Solutions we are experts in the installation of all renewable heating and microgeneration technologies. This wealth of knowledge and experience means we can work with you to combine individual technologies to produce a renewable energy solution which will deliver maximum benefit to you.

We can work with you to design, supply and install your multi technology solution, there is no need to look elsewhere. We work with industry leading manufacturers to ensure our customers have the most efficient system possible for their requirements.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

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