ASHP Installation for rural property, Kilmington, Devon

ASHP Installation for rural property, Kilmington, Devon

Heat pumps can provide the ideal solution for properties not on the mains gas grid – find out more about one of our latest installations in Kilmington, Devon.

Invest in an Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps can provide the ideal solution for properties not on the mains gas grid and offer an extremely reliable and efficient source of energy for your heating system. It is a common misconception that air source heating is only suitable for new, well insulated, buildings. In fact, a well designed and installed system can act as a highly efficient heat source for nearly all commercial and domestic properties.

Project: ASHP Installation for rural property, Kilmington, Devon

Solution: 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP

With no gas available, the owners of this property in a rural village decided that an air source heat pump offered a good retrofit option for their home. As a low energy property, it was essential to ensure that all RHI eligibility requirements were met, with a detailed analysis of the house carried out to identify the best cost solution.

“We reviewed RHI approved suppliers and selected a local company – Total Renewables, after talking to a neighbour who had a similar system fitted by them.  Our property is a very low energy house; a retrofit heat pump system meant ensuring we carefully met all RHI detailed requirements in order to be eligible; on some issues this was not straight forward requiring expert assistance.

Total Renewables helped us find an EPC assessor who could assess the house and provide a certificate quickly. They then carried out a detailed analysis of our house, it’s existing heating & hot water systems and it’s heating demand to RHI methods and set out clearly what was needed for best cost solution. In our case some additional radiators, reuse of the hot water tank (but re-configured to ensure that the system efficiency was high enough) plus the ASHP selection. Throughout this process Total Renewables were very helpful explaining the RHI requirements and checking that what worked for us would be compliant.

The quote came quickly and they were flexible in allowing us to carry out some works (builders work etc.) ourselves to keep the costs down; they also arranged for underground pipework as we wanted to locate the heat pump in a less visible location and a PV controller to optimise PV energy with the heat pump system.

Installation was quick and efficient and the Ecodan system and it’s controls work really well … the display – energy used, holiday functions etc. are very good.

The PV controller did fail within a few months (defective unit) but Total Renewables resolved this directly with the supplier and it was quickly replaced.

The system has been in use for a year now and has worked smoothly; quiet, efficient, comfortable, energy use & bills are low.

“I am happy to recommend Total Renewables; nice company, good job and they knew what was needed for RHI eligibility for a non-straightforward house.”


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