Announcing our New Directors

Announcing our New Directors

We are very excited to announce some important changes for Total Renewable Solutions and in 2018.

A new Managing Director

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Luke Reed is now Managing Director for Total Renewable Solutions. Having previously been part of Total Plumbing Supplies, Total Renewable Solutions is now owned by Luke and his wife Beverley. They will be focusing on growing the business even further and taking on the ever-changing world of renewables from the new offices and showroom in Ilton, South Somerset.

Focus on renewables and underfloor heating

As some of you will know Luke has worked for Total Plumbing Supplies for 19 years in a number of roles, giving him extensive experience in the plumbing and heating industry across a wide range of technologies and products.

However the chance to focus on renewables and underfloor heating was an opportunity not to be missed!

Total Renewable Solutions will continue to offer the full range of renewable technologies including air and ground source heat pumps, solar PV, solar thermal and biomass.

Luke will also be leading the team at, the dedicated arm of the business offering underfloor heating solutions compatible with gas, oil or renewable heat sources and to suit a wide range of projects.

The Total Renewable Solutions Team

As well as taking on the role of Managing Director at Total Renewable Solutions, Luke is a father of three and an enthusiastic triathlete.

Luke is pleased to have taken the whole Total Renewable Solutions team along with him to Ilton and between them they offer full support across both renewables and underfloor heating. He is also very pleased that wife Beverley has joined him as Business Director and the two of them are relishing the new challenge.

What does the future hold?

The future of the Renewables industry is looking very bright indeed and Luke and Beverley are looking forward to taking on this new opportunity together!

“As we move forward in the ever change world of renewables, Total Renewable Solutions will continue to educate both installers and consumers on the benefits of the technologies we can offer, as we look towards being one of the main industry drivers in the South West”.

Luke Reed, Total Renewable Solutions &, Managing Director

You can find out more about the renewable technologies we offer here, or head on over to to find out more about underfloor heating for your project.

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  1. Congratulations Luke all your good work and business acumen has paid off.
    We’ll done.
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